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Four modes in CUT Pure cut with two additional BLEND 1 & BLEND 2 modes to give a surgeon, varying degree of hemostasis while cutting. Endocut mode is for added flexibility. Three Modes of coagulation Spray – Mode offers massive & rapid non-contact coagulation Fulgurate – To provide effective non-contact coagulation from distance, mainly appreciated by Urosurgeons and cardiovascular surgeons Separates Monopolar and Bipolar mode with individual foot-switches. Bipolar feature- When generator is switched to bipolar mode; all the Monopolar activities associated with hand-switch or foot-switch, are automatically stopped to prevent uncalled burns. Bipolar provides coagulation without charring, adhesion and blanching of adjacent tissues. Seal mode provides unique combination of pressure & energy to create vessel fussion, leaving no foreign material behind. U can seal, dissect and cut with a single instruments. The best way to cut and dissect with a bipolar technology .

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